Friday, November 22


Once upon a time, I met a prince.
A prince who doesn't live in a castle
A prince who doesn't wear the finest brand
A prince who doesn't have tons of gold
A prince who doesn't own anything a prince should own

He is a prince
A prince who wore casual shirt
A prince who ate cheap food
A prince who live in a small shelter
A prince who earn his own money
A prince who doesn't even live like a prince

He is  my prince
In my dream

In my dream
He was there
Looking at me

In my dream
He feel the way I feel
He fell in love with me
He says he wanna marry me

He is my prince
In my thought

In my thought
He was there
With a ring
And he said I was his forever

He is my prince
In the real world

In the real world
He was there
Across me
Smiling so silently
No words spoken
No voices heard
Just me
Just me staring blankly
Staring at your back
Will you ever turn and saw me?

He is my dream that I thought was real.

안녕 ♥!