Thursday, January 23

Muahxxxxx ♡

I miss being spoiled by my kids.
Rindu. Sangat sebenarnya.

Pernah tak rasa disayangi, dihargai sangat by someone you don't even realize that they can love you beyond your expectation even they just have met you?

Before this, I never been loved that way till the day I started my practicum. Even my friend never make me felt very needed and cared for like the way they did to me.

Tiap kali lepas habis kelas, most of the boys akan berebut nak angkat buku. Some of them even divide the book into half so that they can help me bring it to the teacher's room (tho it ain't that heavy). What make me felt so amused is when there is no books that they can help to carry as I only bring along my textbook, they will take my handbag and carried it and few of them even didn't let me put my pencil case in my bag as they begging to carry it. (Haha tak sampai hati nak marah)

Wanna know the ridiculous thing they ever made to help me?

They asked me few marker pens as they said they wanna wrote something at their book and I gave it, and till my class ended, they won't returned it back and said they will help me by carrying those few markers as if it is heavy.

Every time I walk to the teacher's room, I can't even carry my own bag as they took it by force saying it was heavy for me to carry it all alone. The only thing I'll be carrying is my textbook (sometimes though).

The kids were so lovable and caring. The way they treat me make me feel I'm so important and for the first time, I felt as if I was so precious, at least to someone..

Thank you so much. I really love you guys. ♡
안녕 ♥!